Gua Tempurung Eco-Challenge 2014: EVENT DETAILS
Call Our Secretariat Number: +60 12 412 2947


Date: 14th September 2014

Location: Gua Tempurung, Perak

Online Registration - click here
Manual Form Download - click here
On Site Registration - Visit the ticket counter at Gua Tempurung to get the registration form.

Registration Closing Date: 13th September 2014

Event Categories & Fees:

Event Route: click here.

Event Format:
There a few challenges that participants are required to complete, including running, caving, lake crossing, and river tubing.
Men Open, Women Open 
Running (18.8KM); Caving (1.9KM); River tubing (2.0KM); Lake Crossing
Veteran Open
Running (14.1KM); Caving (1.9KM); River tubing (2.0KM); Lake Crossing
Men Local Perak, Women Local Perak
Running (14.1KM); Caving (1.9KM); River tubing (2.0KM); Lake Crossing
Men Junior Open, Women Junior Open 
Running (6.7KM); Caving (1.9KM)
For more information about the event format, please click here

Participants are required to complete the challenges of the category they are participating in within the qualifying time, in order to be eligible for the medal.

Prizes for Winners of Each Category: click here.

1. Race kit collection will be on 13th September 2014 (Saturday) from 3.00 pm to 12.00 pm.
2. Race briefing and instructions will be conducted on 13th September 2014 (Saturday) from 9.00 pm to 11.00 pm.
3. If the weather on the event day is undesirable, the organizer reserves the rights to change and alter the race route for safety reasons.